Meet Melody

October 25, 2019

Who am I? 

 Melody was raised in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, running through the trees, chasing wild animals, and scraping the dirt from her feet before going indoors. Melody started her career with children early, when she was just a child herself. Volunteering in her church nursery and going on babysitting jobs with her older sisters. As she got older, Melody decided childcare was a path she was called to. During her time at community college she learned of Magda Gerber's work and the Educaring® Approach. She recently moved to a small, rural town in northern Idaho to put down roots of her own and raise her family on their farm. She is now working as a childcare consultant and founding a RIE®- inspired childcare program on her farm. 


1) What aspect of the Educaring® Approach resonates with you the most and why?

It's hard to choose just one aspect of the approach as it is all is so intertwined in support of each other. I think that freedom to explore and interact with other infants is one of the components I hold closest. I think that the word "freedom" is specifically meaningful because it refers to both freedom of movement and freedom of interaction with materials and people. I believe that guiding children at a young age how to effectively and safely express their feelings and needs, to listen to the needs of others, and to work together to find a solution is the key to bringing about a more compassionate, peaceful future for our world.


2) What are you most grateful for?

I am extremely grateful for my family and friends who are my support system. I am so lucky to have had the opportunities that I have had and people to support me through them . 


3) What is one thing you do for yourself? Or what would you like to do for yourself?

I try to take time every day for self reflection and prayer. 


4) If your life was a book or song, what would the title be?

"On The Move." 


5) What was your favorite book as a child?

The Runaway Road by Stanley Mack. I had the whole thing memorized. 


6) What teacher inspired you the most? How?

There have been so many people who have acted as a teacher or mentor to me. My professor, Ellen White, inspired me throughout my time in her courses. She lived her life in a way I had always envisioned mine but with so much more grace. Working with infants in the foster care system and giving them a strong foundation to build on as they grew up. She is also the one who introduced me to RIE®, as she herself had the opportunity to work with Magda. 


7) What 3 words best describe you?

Busy, Dedicated, Dreamer. 


8) What is the best question anyone has asked you?

Are you happy? 

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