Meet Ginna

February 22, 2019

Who am I? 

I am Virginia Hanson, but you can call me Ginna. I am the lead teacher of the Roadrunner preschool room at UST CDC.  I have been working with young children for 18 years and find joy in my work on a daily basis.  I enjoy learning new things and consider myself a lifelong learner. Currently I am finishing up double majors in Family Studies and Theology.  If I’m not taking a college course I am “researching” some sort of topic on my own or learning a new skill in a community education class.  I am passionate about nature and the outdoors and have put my passion to good use as a Minnesota Master Naturalist and regular volunteer at Dodge Nature Center.  I enjoy spending time with family, reading, gardening, snowshoeing, boating, camping, hiking, biking and exploring Minnesota. 


How did you find FORM?

Carolyn Paetzel, Beth Middleton and Becca Swiler. 


What aspect of the Educaring® Approach resonates with you the most and why?

When I was first introduced to RIE® it felt so familiar, turns out that RIE® is such a natural way to bring up a child that my parents just did it that way so. The parts I like the most are Respect for the child and Talking to your baby.   I also like the IDEA of slowing down, actually slowing down is an entirely different matter. 


What are you most grateful for?

My husband.  He is my rock, my best friend and my cheerleader. 

I am also grateful to every person who took a chance and believed in me.



What is one thing you do for yourself? Or what would you like to do for yourself?

Yoga, my goal is to do yoga every morning.  I also find time to be outside as much as possible.


If your life was a book or song, what would the title be?

Not sure about the title, but I think it should be an Opera. 


What was your favorite book as a child?

My favorite picture book as a child was The Funny Thing by Wanda Gag.  As an adolescent I devoured all the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I dreamt about being Laura!  The character of Laura resonates with me because she isn’t a perfect girl, her passion sometimes got away from her and she is often in a little bit of trouble, my mother would say Laura was impish.  Me in a nutshell. 


What teacher inspired you the most? How? 

My third-grade teacher Mrs. Bartlett!  I found learning to read challenging and Mrs. Bartlett decided that I would be her “project”.  With her help I managed to catch up with the class.  Mrs. Bartlet set me on my journey of learning, she believed in me when everyone had put me in a labeled box, I am forever grateful.  And then there was Mrs. Ebert my high school art teacher who allowed me to run some laps around the commons area before her class, she knew I had a hard time sitting all day and that in order to do my best work I need to get my wiggles out (still do). 


What 3 words best describe you?

My husband says passionate, problem solver and creative


What is the best question anyone has asked you?

Will you marry me? – still the best question even after almost 27 years of marriage. 

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