Meet Natasha

January 25, 2019

Who Am I? 

I am Natasha Stoian, mother of Ioana, who is a member of FORM. I was born and educated in Russia, but defected to the West over 40 years ago. For over twenty years I worked as a journalist for the BBC World Service . I have a real thirst for knowledge  and I am eager to experience anything that is available.

1) How did you find FORM?

 My daughter Ioana was given a book by  one of her neighbors, herself a mother of a little girl, who followed Montessori method. The book was by Janet Lansbury: Elevating  Childcare. I read it myself, but was not too impressed at that stage. Later on, I read more, watched videos about Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber and met with several dedicated members of FORM. I wish I had access to this philosophy when I was struggling with my own four children.


2) What aspect of the Educaring® Approach resonates with you the most?

Unassisted approach to the musculo-skeletal  development of the baby. 

Use of everyday, but carefully selected objects as toys. 

Undirected play.


3 )What are you most grateful for?

Being free and living in a free world. This can surprise those who cannot even imagine life behind the Iron curtain. Freedom is like air, without it you suffocate.

4) What is one thing you do for yourself?

I listen to the news on the radio early in the morning. I need this connection to the wider world.

5) What teacher inspired you the most? How?

My Latin teacher when I was attending the Faculty in Moscow. With hindsight I realize, that  hers was the only subject on the curriculum  free of communist ideology. Study of Latin started my interest in etymology which so beautifully demonstrates links between words, people and ideas of different cultures.

6) What is the best question anyone has asked you?

Working as a journalist, I was the one asking the questions. St Augustin, who is my favorite Saint once asked: do we first know God and then love him, or do we first love him and then know him?  Don’t you think it applies to our children as well? The answer is in his “ Confessions”.


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