Meet Amanda

February 9, 2018

Who am I? 

Amanda Kaiser grew up in MN and has always thrived in her interactions with children. She started babysitting in middle school, then worked at various child care centers before changing gears and working with parents and children in the mental health field. She recently moved to Los Angeles and is a nanny implementing the Educaring® Approach. 


How did you find FORM?

I worked with Carolyn Paetzel at the UST CDC in the early 2000's and we remained friends after I changed careers. I enjoyed meeting her for coffee and learning about her dreams for a RIE® network in MN. It was fun to see all her hard work and dedication come together to form this wonderful community. 


What aspect of the Educaring® Approach resonates with you the most and why?

How it views everyone (even the smallest infant) as a whole human and encourages us to be respectful of each other as such. Infants, toddlers, and children (all humans really) are so very capable. By seeing others as capable and trusting that they will do what they can when they are ready is an enormous gift. 


What are you most grateful for?

The support and love of friends and family. I've got the best village! 


What is one thing you do for yourself? Or what would you like to do for yourself?

I took a big leap and moved to Los Angeles in November 2017. Back "home" I would try to schedule downtime, as I tend to over-commit and keep a full schedule. Out here, I am trying to be more mindful from the start about what I choose to say "yes" to.  A simple thing I've been doing in LA is just looking to the sky, the palm trees, or the mountains taking a deep breath, and being incredibly grateful for the sunshine and this opportunity to pursue my dreams. 


If your life was a book or song, what would the title be?

No idea. 


What was your favorite book as a child?

I loved the Berenstain Bears series. 


What teacher inspired you the most? How? 

I don't know that I was inspired by a teacher until college.  But then, I gained many great mentors. They were teaching, researching, and living their passions, which inspired me to find mine.  


What 3 words best describe you?

Compassionate, loyal, authentic.  


What is the best question anyone has asked you?

Why do you choose to do what you do? Really...why? Dig deep, and if it's not in line with who you want to be, change your choices. 

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