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Our monthly meetings are magical things, aren't they? We see friends, touch base on future and past projects, and in general have a great time. But best of all, we have such engaging discussions! I know I go home every time full of thoughts, inspiration, and excitement to put new ideas into action.

There are always, however, those niggling questions that we don't feel were quite answered as fully as time allowed.

That's why we've created a new feature on this site: "Ask An Associate!"

Each month, a RIE® Associate will look more deeply into a question or topic that was not able to be given as much time as the group may have liked at our most recent meeting. A bio of the Associate will be included, as well, so you can learn more about the wonderful network we have here in RIE®.

Visit each month to learn more, or subscribe to them all to have them sent your inbox.

Most of all, enjoy and learn!

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