It was great to see those of you who felt you could safely make it to our gathering last night! ❄️❄️
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FORM is not just about meeting our personal needs!


We feel it is important to reach out and support children and families in need. Here are some of our ongoing volunteer projects. 


SOCKTOBER was started 9 years ago by Brad Montague and "is a project fulled by compassion and creativity and led by kids and grownups in every state in the United States and on every continent." Socks are a small item but, can mean a great deal. They are one of the most needed but, least donated items at homeless shelters. Homeless shelters across the United States serve men, women, and even children who live on the street. We can all do our part to help a family in need. To date we have collected over 700 new pairs of socks! All were delivered to a Twin Cities non-profit serving homeless families, Sharing and Caring Hands. 

Nina Sutton and Jenny Wespiser started this non-profit in 2008 to provide disposable diapers and wipes to families in need in the Twin Cities. Diapers are collected through diaper drives in the community, and distributed by staff at child care centers located in low-income areas. Without these supplies, many families are truly struggling to provide the most basic care for their children. Update: we have collected 1,268 wipes and 854 diapers to date! 

Toothbrushes for Toddlers is a small non-profit whose mission is "to aid dental health to disadvantaged children." As of today, they are focusing on disaster areas and emergency needs, delivering donated dental supplies around the world.  Our past efforts have help collect a total of 102 toothbrushes, 38 tubes of toothpaste, and 9 containers of floss.

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