Founded in May 2014, we are a growing community of parents, educators, students, and administrators who gather monthly to inspire, support and engage in topics relating to early childhood education and parenting.



Our Mission:  "We are an open forum for collaborative inquiry, dialogue, and advocacy influenced by

Magda Gerber's Educaring® Approach in Minnesota."


Come as you are, whenever you can. Anyone and everyone is welcome!

words from friends

As a new parent I was so excited reading online about RIE®  but I was wishing I could have actual in-person discussions with others – then I found FORM! It has given me everything I was looking for and then some... Interesting conversations, a place to ask questions and learn, an intro to further RIE® based classes and events and, most importantly, it has led to friendships that have been so meaningful and supportive. FORM is an amazing tribe of kind and intelligent people and I feel so lucky to have found them.


Gina, Foundations student and parent


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Travel to California!

RIE® 31st Annual Infant-Toddler Conference for Parents and Professionals

on Saturday, April 4th at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles

upcoming national RIE® events

Here are some events of interest sponsored by the larger RIE® community. Visit www.rie.org for a more extensive list!

Carolyn Paetzel, RIE® Associate

She is a licensed educator, and parent, with 25+ years of experience working with parents, infants, and students to help deepen their understanding of each infant's unique and innate abilities. Carolyn has presented at numerous workshops, including the RIE Infant/Toddler conference and the MNAEYC State Conference. Carolyn has served as a consultant for local child development programs. Carolyn is the coordinator for FORM.